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Open Plan System

The Advantages of BLADE

The BLADE Open Plan System offers 25% or more in real estate savings over traditional cubicles–combine that with cost savings in excess of 25% over traditional cubicles and you can see why it is an excellent solution for you and your company. A host of options and configurations ensures that your solution is tailored to your brand, mission and culture.Explore the 3 main reasons why BLADE is better than Cubicles! 

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Workspace Organization


As soon as you’ve settled in, create a space that’s organized, comfortable, and familiar for you. This will make working in the space (or living in the space, as the case may be) much more palatable. Take a look at some tips for organizing your workspace.

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Increase Productivity

There are a wealth of tricks out there designed to narrow focus and improve concentration, but one of the most effective methods could be a simple desk makeover.Taking the time to make your space unique and your own provides a sense of comfort that can boost productivity

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Ergonomic Solutions

Is your workstation optimized for your health? If you work a typical 40 hour work week, that translates into a third of your day, five days a week, that you spend on the job. Think your work station might be contributing to your pain problems, or know someone who could use some tips? Here are some DOs and DON’Ts:

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Designing your Office Space

The work environment is evolving at many companies these days, resulting in the need for new office design.Here are some questions small-business owners should ask before designing or refashioning an office to meet the requirements of today's fast-changing workplace.

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Creating a home office

Do you work from – or have – a home office? Chances are you do, or are planning to create one. Nowadays, it’s virtually impossible to function without some type of computer work station in the home.Below are some simple design tips to help you get started on creating a home office that you are proud of, that blends with the rest of the house and that’s free of distractions.

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